Wednesday Morning Satellite Analysis

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The record breaking cold snap continues to fizzle while numerous weather systems set out on a trek across the US over the coming days.  So while there will be a big warm up, there will also be areas of rain and snow impacting different regions of the country.


1) The strong weather system that raced through the Northeast is now well away from the US.  A nice boundary now exists where the cold air failed to advance any further which stretches all the way to the Southeast coast.


2)  This same sharp boundary exists between the moderating cold air associated with the Arctic outbreak and much warmer air on the other side of the front over the Caribbean.


3)  A weather system is tracking toward the southern Plains.  It will eventually stall and then strengthen as it ejects Friday and Saturday with areas of moderate to heavy rains for the eastern US.


4)  Another system is moving out of the Pac NW and into the northern Rockies.  Yet another system is getting ready to follow behind that one and is off the Washington coast.


Wednesday Morning Water Vapor Satellite Analysis

Wednesday Morning Water Vapor Satellite Analysis

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