Weather Data Trends Colder Again

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Tuesday, November 5: The overnight GFS was further colder with a frigid blast next week and prices rocketed another 7-8¢ higher over the past few hours. The European model was warmer for this weekend to lose a few HDD’s but more than made up for the by also trending further colder on next week’s Arctic blast that’s expected to push deep into the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast with lows of -10 to 20s. This is an impressively chilly blast for this early in the season with temperatures 20-45°F below normal and likely to set records. Overall, a very bullish set up through Nov 14th, then uncertain after, but ways cold air could continue spilling into the northern US for colder trends in time as some of the overnight data teased. What will the mid-day data show? Will it be able to hold impressive cold or give back several HDD’s?

The European model trended further colder overnight.


Tuesday: The overnight weather data trended further colder with an Arctic Blast next week, adding several additional HDD”s. This looks very strong demand this eary in the season with lows of -10s to 20s. The data might have gotten too cold, but still quite bullish overall.

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  1. John Jones December 6, 2019 at 4:26 pm ·

    “Very bullish up to November 14th.” However predicted natgas (Nov. 11) went down significantly. An arctic blast posting record lows yet natgas goes down in price. With wells (frozen) unable to fill storage, there is no way in hell that the market should have went DOWN. What the hell really happened guys? You made no mention (correction) of that in the following week’s forcast. Oh wait, you said, “demand wasn’t high enough.” That is bullshit. The good ole US of A was an ice cube yet consumption drops. Please explain. Thanks

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