Warm December Pattern Continues

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December 7:  Jan’22 nat gas futures closed sharply lower Monday by 44¢ to $3.70.  Selling was once again attributed to warmer trends over the southern and eastern US for mid-December, as well as lower 48-state production increasing week over week to over 95 Bcf/day and again near highs of the year.  What’s been driving prices lower have been the GFS and EC weather models holding an exceptionally bearish 15-day pattern besides a frigid cold shot currently impacting the Midwest and Northeast with lows of -0s to 30s.  But with warmer than normal conditions expected to become anchored over the southern and eastern halves of the US late this week through late December with highs of 50s to 80s, or 15-35°F warmer than normal, national demand will plummet to much lighter than normal levels.  There will be chilly weather systems into the West over the next 15-days, but not enough to counter light demand over the warmer than normal and more important Midwest, South, and East.

Warmer than normal pattern is still forecast to be over the eastern half of the US at Dec 20-22 for continued lighter than normal national demand


Our Live HDD/CDD weather data continues to forecast much lighter than normal HDDs and national demand Dec 10-22. The pattern has gotten so exceptionally bearish, it couldn’t be much more so.

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