Very Warm US Pattern Continues Through End of September

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Tuesday, September 17: Yesterday’s mid-day data added a few additional CDD’s, although the overnight gave several CDD’s back. No changes overall as a rather bearish pattern is forecast much of the next 15-days with most of the temperature driven demand occurring across the southern US due to late season warm conditions continuing. It’s also warmer than normal across much of the northern US, including the important corridor from Chicago to NYC. Although this time of the year that’s quite bearish since it will lead to comfortable highs of 70s and 80s and rather mild overnight conditions. Weather systems will continue into the Northwest and N. Rockies this week with lows of 30s and 40s for light overnight heating needs but warming back above normal this weekend and next week. The pattern continues to look bearish for most of the US next week through the first couple days of October as national CDD/HDD totals drop to near normal, which will result in larger than normal builds due to very strong production. The European model continues to run a little hotter compared to the rest of the data, but still wouldn’t be considered bullish as above normal CDD’s across the southern US are offset by below normal HDD’s across the northern US.


Highs for the middle of this week.


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