Very Hot US July 17-23, Then Cooling East

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Monday, July 15:   The new trading week will be weighing a plethora of important factors that could impact prices, highlighted by tropical system Barry that’s resulted in decreased production over the Gulf of Mexico and inland but with losses in demand through cooler conditions and LNG exports. But are the impacts and duration of impacts what the nat gas markets were expecting? Also of consideration, weather trends were hotter for the middle of this week through early next week as the strongest heat so far this year arrives with mid-90s for Chicago to NYC.  . Although this will be countered by the weather data still favoring cooling across the Great Lakes and East July 24-28th and where the data is likely to be viewed as not quite hot enough.


Temperatures late this week and this weekend will be in the 90s from Chicago to NYC with 90s and 100s across the southern US for very strong national demand. Cooler exceptions will be over the Nothwest.

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