Tuesday Morning Water Vapor Satellite Analysis

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Big Winter Storm Taking Shape As Eastern US Gets Another Day Of Mild Weather


Today’s water vapor satellite image shows the weather players over the US nicely.  Of importance is high pressure has finally been able to push into the eastern US for much appreciated warmer conditions.  This will be short lived as the next cold blast is already getting ready to sweep into the northern US later today as it gets wrapped into a developing winter storm coming out of the northern Rockies.  This winter storm will become a significant weather maker over the coming days and will lead to heavy snowfall across the Great Lakes/Nrn Ohio Valley and into New England where a swath of 6-10+” of snow is expected.  Once the low tracks through, colder than normal conditions will set up over the highest use states of the Midwest and Northeast through this weekend as reinforcing cold fronts push through every few days.


1)  High pressure continues to hold over the eastern US, leading to much needed milder conditions.  The high pressure ridge shows up nicely in the satellite image as a boundary sets up on the periphery of the ridge over the Midwest and Northeast between darker (drier) and lighter (wetter) moisture values.


2)  A weak weather system over the South will lead to some moderate showers with potential thunderstorms due to the convective nature within the core of the low.  This weak feature will track slowly across the Gulf Coast states.


3)  The big weather story of the coming week will be this storm coming out of the northern Rockies.  It will rapidly strengthen today and lead to a swath of heavy snow fall as it tracks across the Great Lakes and into New England Wednesday.  Enough of a warm surge is expected to push into the high population cities of the Northeast, keeping the precipitation type mainly as rain until the cold front pushes through as it’s winding down.


4)   Colder air over southern Canada will be tapped on the back side of this weather system and be drawn into the Midwest and deep into the Southeast by Thursday.




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