Tuesday Morning Satellite Analysis

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This mornings water vapor satellite image shows the main features impacting the US weather nicely.  Of importance is a weak cold front stretched along the entire eastern US coastline and associated low pressure over the Southeast, which will continue producing light to moderate morning showers.  In addition, the next cold blast coming out of Canada has already pushed into portions of the northern Plains and Midwest.  This more impressive cold front will advance deep into the Southeastern US over the coming few days, bringing a return to hard overnight freezes and a surge in nat gas and heating demand.


1)  A weak weather system at the base of a cold front will enhance areas of rainfall over the southeastern US this morning.


2)  A less than impressive cold front slowly advances through the eastern US.  The frontal boundary will act as a focus for some light to moderate showers throughout the morning until finally pushing off the coast during the early afternoon.


3)  Here is the next cold outbreak already beginning to push across the northern Plains and into the Midwest.  Some light snowfall is expected along the front over the Great Lakes region and into the Northeast over the next 48 hours.  The darker blues and whites show higher moisture amounts being lifted along the front to produce light snowfall.


4)  High pressure over much of the western US.  This feature has been pushed around, but has not moved much over the past few months.



Tuesday Morning Water Vapor Satellite Analysis

Tuesday Morning Water Vapor Satellite Analysis

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