Tuesday Morning Satellite Analysis

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You would think the satellite imagery would be more exciting for a record breaking cold event, but in reality,  it isn’t.  There are no reinforcing blasts of cold air to sustain the Arctic outbreak, and so it fizzles.  Much of the US is about to undergo a pattern change where normal feels like a heat wave for much of the central and eastern US.  The weather pattern dictating the nations weather is pretty straight forward.


1)  Where the Arctic air has advanced is very clear to see in the water vapor satellite image.  There is a sharp boundary between the drier air behind the front and higher moisture air ahead of it shaded in whites.  It’s east to follow this feature over the entire southern and eastern US coastlines.


2)  The low pressure system that brought rain and snow with this outbreak is now quite strong but exiting the US.


3)  Some weather systems finally crashing into the Pacific NW coast.


4)  High pressure.  Yet again.




Tuesday Morning Water Vapor Satellite Analysis

Tuesday Morning Water Vapor Satellite Analysis

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