Tuesday Morning Satellite Analysis

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Even though chilly conditions have set up across much of the central and eastern US, weather across the country today will again be relatively quiet.  The big story is going to be a freshening blast of very cold air to push into the northern Rockies and Plains late New Year’s Day, with several more to follow over the coming week.  The next cold front will again sweep toward the eastern US with freezing conditions pushing well into the South and Southeast


1)  The most recent cold front has stalled off the East coast while a weak wave in the cold air will continue tracking out of the Great Lakes and into New England.  This could lead to some light snow showers with some minor accumulations.  The boundary in the water vapor appears impressive, but limited moisture makes it look more ominous than it really is.


2)  A stalled low off southern Texas will lead to abundant mid and high clouds streaming into the southern US with some rain near the Mexico border.  Some of this moisture will advance toward the Northeast and slightly phase with the next cold front coming through the Midwest, which could lead to a few inches of snow for New England and the Mid-Atlantic.


3)  An active jet stream on the westward side of a massive cold reservoir over central Canada will guide a fresh dose of brutally cold temperatures into the US beginning tomorrow. There is enough going on over the northern Rockies and Plains for some light snow showers.


4)  There are finally a few weather systems that have been able to push toward the Gulf of Alaska.  This could be a precursor of things to come as we move toward the mid-January pattern.



Tuesday Morning Water Vapor Satellite Analysis

Tuesday Morning Water Vapor Satellite Analysis

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