Thursday Night Satellite Analysis

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A fast moving weather system and associated cold front continues to track across the eastern US.  Snowfall overnight over the Northeast will ease by morning with several inches of snow expected, which will be heaviest near the coast.  Very cold temperatures have invaded much of the southeastern US, while high pressure bores the western US for yet another day.


1)  A strengthening weather system is tracking through the Northeast with areas of moderate snowfall.  Heavier snow is expected near the New England coast but this could have been a real monster if a huge amount of moisture wasn’t pushed off the Southeast coast just before the cold front arrived.


2)  The cold front continues to push deep into the South and Southeast with freezing temperatures coming the next few mornings.


3)  This is where the big bad Arctic is coming from which will barrel through the central US Sunday with extremely cold temperatures.


4)  High pressure over the western US.


5)  Several storms are finally impacting portions of the Pac NW coast and Gulf of Alaska.


Thursday Night Water Vapor Satellite Analysis

Thursday Night Water Vapor Satellite Analysis

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