Thursday Morning Satellite Analysis

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This mornings water vapor satellite image shows the first two cold outbreaks nicely.  Not that they are extreme in any measure, but they will continue to provide chilly temperatures and localized areas of snowfall through the weekend.


1)  The initial “real” cold front has advanced to the eastern US coastline.  Initially there wasn’t much moisture to work with along the front.  But as it pushed toward the coast, moisture became much more abundant, but too late for any significant precipitation to hit the East coast.  Portions of New England could see some brief precipitation this morning as some of the moisture tries to work back toward the coastline.  The boundary is easily seen as a sharp transition from drier browns behind the front to much higher moisture, whites and blues ahead of it.


2)  The next blast of cold is already filtering through the northern Plains and will to another round of Moderate to High nat gas and energy use, as well as a hard freeze for the Southeast Saturday morning.


3)   A weather system will spin up as the next dose of cold drops into the eastern US trough.  This “Clipper could lead to several inches of snow.


4)  Yep. High pressure over the West. Dry and mild.


Thursday Morning Water Vapor Satellite Image

Thursday Morning Water Vapor Satellite Image

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