Swing Back to Lighter National Demand This Week

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Monday:  The Midwest and Great Lakes will be chilly to open the week in the wake of a recent cold shot with lows tonight again dropping into the 10s to 30s.  The southern and eastern US will be comfortable to warm with highs of upper 60s to 80s, besides locally hotter 90s from California to Texas.  As the week progresses, frosty air will become established over the low population states of the N. Rockies and Plains with lows of 0s to 20s.  The rest of the US will be comfortable w/ highs of 60s to 80s and why national demand will drop back to light levels Tue-Fri.   A swing back to stronger demand is expected Oct 27-29th as a cold shot over the Plains finally is able to eject eastward across the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley with lows of 20s and 30s.   However, the Oct 31-Nov 2 is now the period that also needs to be a little colder as much of the weather data has only minor cold shots into the northern US and quite comfortable most elsewhere.

Temperatures for late in the week.


Swing back to stronger national demand around Oct 28 as a cold shot races across the Midwest towards the Northeast.


The HDD/CDD graph of the GFS vs the EC models shows they are pretty close together besides the GFS being a little colder for a few days in late October.

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