Sunday Morning Satellite Analysis

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The water vapor satellite this Sunday morning is pretty straight forward.  It’s all about watching the record breaking Arctic outbreak sweep through the central US.  There is a low pressure system starting to develop at the base of the trough over the southern Plains, which will rapidly intensify over the next 24 hours and track into the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast with areas of snowfall.  Once it starts developing, it will rapidly move, which will limit the amount of snowfall, but could still accumulate more than several inches, especially into New England.  As the low rapidly strengthens, or “bombs” out, very strong winds will develop and when combined with the brutally cold temperatures will leads to exceptionally cold wind chills.

1)   The record breaking Arctic blast continues to push through the northern Plains and Midwest with the coldest temperatures still just north of the Dakotas.


2)  A weather system is starting to develop at the base of the trough.  This will rapidly strengthen over the next 24 hour as it takes aim for the Northeast.


3)  A weak boundary and weather feature near the Florida coast is leading to some rain showers over the Southeast.


4)  High pressure over the western US is being pushed toward the far Southwest US due to the advancing cold through the Rockies.


Sunday morning water vapor satellite analysis.

Sunday morning water vapor satellite analysis.


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