Still Waiting for Winter

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Thursday,  December 10:  Cool conditions linger across New England with highs of 30s and 40s.  However, most of the rest of the US will be warmer than normal with highs of 40s to 70s for light national demand.  Weather systems into the Southwest and Northwest in the coming days will bring rain, snow, and slightly cool highs, then tracking into the central US this weekend.  National demand will finally increase early next week as a cold shot sweeps across the Great Lakes and East with lows of 10s to 30s.  The EC remains a bit colder early next week compared to the GFS by numerous HDD’s, although both show a swing back to light national demand Dec 17-2 as warmer than normal conditions return across most of the US, including highs of 30s to 50s across the northern US when normally highs of 10s to 30s would be widespread.  We continued to look Dec 25-30 for the next opportunity for more impressive cold shots into the US, and it will need to or the nat gas markets could remain frustrated after the coming weekend break winter continues to woefully disappoint.

National daily HDD’s the next 15-days are well below normal besides Dec 14-16.

Cold shot Dec 14-16 is the only decent demand of the next 15-days.

A warm vs normal pattern expected to rule most of US Dec 17-24.


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