Still Frigid in Texas, But Not as Cold This Morning as Tuesday Morning

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Wednesday, February 17:  It’s still very cold over Texas, although temperatures this morning aren’t quite as cold as yesterday morning (Tuesday).  The images below show how lows Tuesday morning were much colder to the Texas coast with temperatures in the teens, while this morning they are in the 20s and 30s.  In addition, temperatures over northern Texas also aren’t quite as dangerously cold, but still quite frigid.  There’s expected to be another day or rolling blackouts today in ERCOT regions due to demand exceeding supply, exacerbated by wind turbines being frozen over.    The coming cold pattern will finally end late this weekend as much of the US warms into the 30s to 70s for next week, warmest over Texas and the South with widespread highs of upper 60s to 70s.

Temperatures Early Tuesday Morning: Colder than this morning.

Temperatures from early Wednesday morning and not as cold as Tuesday but still frigid.



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