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Sloppy Weather Pattern Over US



March 5th – 945 am EST

It’s a very sloppy weather pattern over the US with several weather features impacting the nations weather and leading to abundant cloud cover.   Two weather systems over the southern US are driving areas of showers, some of which could be a wintry mix into the colder air over the southern Plains.  The system over the Southeast is a bit more potent and may have enough umph to lead to some isolated thunderstorms, also indicative of the strengthening sun angle.  A strong jet stream and associated weather system is tracking through the Northeast with little to no precipitation but with a fresh intrusion of cold air.  The weather systems coming out of the southern US over the coming days will help push warmer air into portions of the Midwest and Northeast at times, easing nat gas and heating demand.   However, there will also be weather systems along the Canada border that will grab fresh cold air and send it back into the US.  With not a lot of moisture to feed off of and with these weather systems being not overly impressive this sets the stage for a disorganized but active weather pattern that will continue through the weekend.


1)  A strong jet stream is passing over the Northeast with little moisture to feed off but with a fresh cold intrusion.


2)  A weather system moving over the Southeast will lead to some moderate to heavy showers with a few thunderstorms possible.


3)  Another weather system is right on its heels with some showers for Texas and also helping push a surge of milder air into the central US.


4)  A weak cold front and weather system is tracking through the Midwest with some light snow showers.


5)  A strong jet stream continues to drive much needed wet Pacific storms into the western US coast.



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