Northeast Storm Brewing!

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Two weather systems will merge over the central US over the next 48 hour and lead to a strong snowstorm for the Northeast. The two weather players are now easily discernible in the water vapor satellite image so we can now enjoy the evolution of wintry fun unfold. To watch a loop of the two radically different aim masses collide, click here.


1) A mild low coming out of the southwestern US will tap into deeper moisture after nearing the Gulf of Mexico. This will lead to the rapid development of moderate rains across the south-central US.


2) A strong jet steak streak along a very strong cold temperature gradient will drop into the Midwest today and collide with the southern low in 1) leading to snowfall developing over the Midwest and into the Ohio Valley. Of course there will be a wintry mix of fun on the boundary of the warmer air riding over the colder air through the central US.


3) A trough still remains over the Northeast, providing enough cold and instability to keep lake effect snow showers and raw conditions ongoing.


4) Nothing more than an awesome cyclone mother nature is spinning up for us to enjoy.



Water Vapor Satellite image

Water Vapor Satellite image

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