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Tuesday:  The weather data over the weekend and last night was a bit milder trending, especially the GFS model.  The image shows the 24-hour trend in terms of lost or gained HDD’s for Jan 25 to help depict where the weather data has been warmer or colder trending.  With the Central US and Northeast Milder for Jan 25, this day lost the most HDD’s in the 16 day forecast.  Although, there were other days that trended a little colder.  These new 24-hour change maps we have created will soon be available with our HDD/CDD service where they come out live as the weather data is processing.














This image shows the Total Degree Days (Heating + Cooling Degree Days) for Jan 25 from the GFS Model. This image shows the actual values for each climate division, while the image above it shows the 24-hour trend for that day.



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