Monday Morning Satellite Analysis

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A rapidly developing weather system will hammer the Northeast today while brutally cold air advances into the Southeast.


1)  A strong weather system continues developing on the boundary of the very cold air and will lead to areas of accumulating snowfall behind the front and moderate rains pushing off the coast.


2)  The cold reservoir has been tapped.  You can see it pushing into the Midwest with the bluer colors.  This is the cold of the cold.


3)  The cold front has pushed into Texas and a nice boundary has set up which shows up as a sharp gradient between drier brown colors and moister whiter colors.  There is a lot of action going on here with a weak low off the Baja coast kicking up showers and a widespread cloud shield.  You can also notice the much colder air pushing in to Oklahoma from the transition back from darker to lighter.


4)   High pressure has been pushed aside by the cold outbreak toward California, which will open the door for a temporary pattern change.



Monday Morning Water Vapor Satellite Image.

Monday Morning Water Vapor Satellite Image.

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