Monday Mid-Day Update

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Issue Time1:30 pm EDT –   June 9th,  2014

Mid Day Update:  The latest operational GFS model has come in mainly in line with our forecasts. The latest models are slightly slower in building warmer temperatures into Texas and the central US this week due to the weather systems over the southern US exiting slower.  However, the latest models are also more aggressive building the ridge of high pressure into the central US next week and also are now a bit stronger into the eastern US as well.  This comes right in line with what we have been expecting as far as them trending in favor of keeping the ridge of high pressure much stronger than they were advertising last week.  The net result will be warmer temperatures as the third and final week of June plays out.  We expect to see leaner builds for the second half of the month due to much warmer temperatures setting up as mid 80s push into the Midwest and Northeast, with 90-105F over the southern US. For this to play out, high pressure must hold strong and deflect weather systems coming out of the Pacific NW from pushing into the central US.  Unfortunately, the weather models are still struggling with a lack of consistency.  While the weather patterns are looking much more bullish, we believe it will take more convincing data for the big market players to be on board with the intensity of the heat we expect later this month.





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