Milder This Week, But Colder System Into East This Weekend

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Monday:  Nat gas futures opened a few cents higher after the weekend break. While conditions this week will be much milder than last week, a cold blast this coming weekend has trended a little colder as it’s shown to tap a heftier dose of cold air out of Canada, then spreading it a bit more aggressively across the East Jan 14-17, while also lasting a day longer. This is seen adding several HDD’s and a bit more demand.  However, the pattern Jan 18-22 still favors cold conditions shifting over the West, with mild conditions over the East in a bearish set up with lighter demand.  The image shows temperatures vs normal late this coming weekend with a cold blast over the the eastern half of the country, including deep into the Southern US.  Going forward, the nat gas markets will be focused on how long the mild ridge over the East lasts after Jan 22.














Mild ridge over the East Jan 18-22 for a return to lighter national demand.
















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