Mild Break Over East This Weekend, Then Cold Returns

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Monday, November 26: The overnight weather data brought slight changes, but with the GFS and European models maintaining a milder break over the East this coming weekend, but still followed by a couple impressive colder trending weather systems impacting many of the regions of the country Dec 5-10. There remain differences on exactly how cold and which regions will be impacted greatest Dec 5-10, but a swing back to strong national demand is likely. There are also differences around Dec 11-14 where some of the datasets believe another milder spell will follow, while another camp favors cold air finding ways to linger across the northern and eastern US. So several things in need of resolving, but bigger picture, not a lot has changed since late last week with cold this week, followed by a milder trending break Friday through the coming weekend, then back to cold Dec 5-10. Certainly not a bearish pattern, but clearly not impressive enough for the nat gas markets to prevent prices from shedding another 25 cents at the Sunday open.

Mild weekend break acorss the eastern US as cold air begins to ready across the West & central US. This break was a little longer compared to late last week to lose a few HDD’s.


Dec 5-10: Several strong cold blasts are expected to sweep across the country for a swing back to stronger demand. Exactly how cold needs refining, but could be coldest of the winter so far. Needs close watching.

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