Lightest Demand Since Last Fall Coming Next Week

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Thursday, March 4:   No major changes over the past 24-hours, just with inconsistent trends.  The timing of swing in national demand held with moderate national demand through Sunday due to a chilly cold shot sweeping across the Great Lakes and East with lows of 10s to 30s.  However, a warm ridge is still expected to set up from over the eastern 2/3 of the country next week with highs of 70s to low 80s over Texas, the South, and Southeast, and 50s to near 60°F from Chicago to NYC.  As a result, next week remains solidly bearish/warmer than normal with the lightest demand since last Fall.  The overnight data continued to show cold air over the Rockies and Plains March 12-13th spreading eastward March 14-17th for more seasonal national demand as near normal to slightly cool conditions spans much of the US.  This March 14-17th period remains just cold enough to satisfy but needs close watching since any colder trends and the pattern will look increasingly bullish, while any milder trends and the pattern likely won’t be quite cold enough to satisfy.

Upper pattern next week as a warm ridge stretches from Texas to Chicago and NYC for very light national demand.


Highs mid-next week will be in the 70s to low 80s across Texas, the South, and Southeast, while nice and near 60F from Chicago to NYC.


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