Late Hot Summer Patter to Fizzle After Sept 6-7

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The overnight data was consistent in keeping a bullish pattern through Sept 6-7 due to highs of mid-90s across the East Coast early this week followed by a stronger/hotter than normal upper ridge dominating most of the country next week. Although, the data still advertises a more comfortable US pattern arriving Sept 8-10 across the northern and eastern US, but with continued timing differences between the weather models on exactly when cooler conditions will arrive. Overall, a bullish pattern becoming neutral to bearish after Sept 7th. Table is from the early morning GFS Ensemble weather data highlighting above normal national CDD’s until Sept 7 when they drop off quickly to smaller values for much lighter demand.



Pattern for Sept 2-7 with a hot ridge dominating the eastern 2/3 of US for strong demand.

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