Hurricane to Threaten Texas and Louisiana Next Week?

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Wednesday, August 25:  there’s increasing potential for a tropical cyclone to track into the Gulf of Mexico this weekend, then strengthen into a hurricane as it approaches Texas or Louisiana next week.  There’s likely to be a huge range of impacts if this hurricane comes to fruition, highlighted by demand killing rain, wind, and cooling, but also with the potential to disrupt LNG feedgas/cargoes and decrease US production.  This system will need very close monitoring ahead of the weekend break as the nat gas markets try to anticipate how strong of a storm it will be and what impacts it will have on nat gas demand and production.


There’s several tropical disturbances that could develop but the most notable is one tracking towards the Yucatan Peninsula and then into the Gulf of Mexico this weekend.


The image is from the early morning GFS and shows a hurricane into Texas and Louisiana early next week

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