Hotter Trends for Late September

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Friday, September 20: The overnight European model trended hotter, adding a hefty 8-9 CDD’s for it’s 15-day forecast compared to Thursday’s data. The GFS wasn’t as hot overnight but also caught on to the hotter trend this morning. Most of the gained demand is around Sept 27-30 as hot high pressure strengthens across the South & East with highs of 80s to lower 90s returning after fading mid-next week.

The pattern mid-next week will be quite bearish with light demand as coverage 90s fades across the northern US, aided by a glancing cool shot across the far northern US. However, the data is hotter after.


A very warm eastern half of the country pattern Sept 27-30 and where hotter trends have occurred. Some cooling into the West, but the story will be very warm continuing across the South & East.


The overnight European model was notably hotter to add numerous CDD’s vs Thursday’s data. Graph shows national daily CDD/HDD totals for the next 15-days.

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