Hot Pattern for SW & Texas for Mid-June, Needs to be Hotter Elsewhere

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Monday, June 8: T.S. Cristobal will bring showers and cooling across the South through Tuesday with highs of 80s for locally light demand. However, it remains hot over the Southwest and Texas with 90s to 100s, while also very warm from the Midwest to the Southeast with 80s, aiding moderate to strong early week demand that will again push power burns to 35+ Bcf/day. However, a weather system will exit the West mid-week and across the Midwest with showers and comfortable highs of 60s and 70s, easing national demand even through still warm over the southern and eastern US. A new weather system will track into the East next weekend, dropping demand over this important region to below normal and why the June 12-18 US pattern isn’t hot enough to intimidate. The pattern is close to hot enough June 19-21 as upper high pressure strengthens. But will it strengthen enough to produce widespread highs of 90s and bullish weather sentiment? Right now, the pattern needs to be just a little hotter, but does need close watching in case hotter trends show up.


Pattern for early this week as Cristobal tracks through the South with heavy showers and then towards the S. Great Lakes. A cooler system will track through the West into the Plains.


Highs late this week will be hot over the Southwest and Texas with 90s to 100s. However, the rest of the US will be mostly comfortable with highs of 70s and 80s.


The pattern this coming weekend will bring showers and cooling to the East but still quite hot Southwest into Texas. But with the important East having lighter than normal demand, the pattern isn’t hot enough.


The pattern finally gets close to hot enough around June 19-22 as upper high pressure strengthens. This will warm much of the US into the 80s and 90s. It would be more impressive if the East and Southeast were hotter but its still close to hot enough.

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