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Thursday, November 29:  We are giving everyone opportunity to see what great Live HDD/CDD weather data we provide, as well as give access to our daily reports and updates.   We provide Live HDD/CDD weather model statistics from all major weather models including the European and GFS.  We also provide a 45-day CFS ensemble forecast.  We provide the Live HDD/CDD data in tables, graphs, and maps, giving detailed statistics on the latest weather trends.  We not only provide national HDD/CDD statistics and trends, we also provide it for EIA regions.  Here’s some samples from today’s data to highlight how the coming pattern is cold enough through Mon-Tue of next week but then rather bearish Nov 4-10.  The overnight weather data continued to tease colder air into the western and central US around Nov 9-12, although doesn’t spread it eastward to higher population regions.

The image was from last nights European model and highlights how it trended milder by nearly 10 HDD’s vs both 12 and 24-hours ago.


Here’s that same European model data but viewed as a graph and highlights milder trend vs previous two runs and shows it much warmer than normal Nov 4-12.

Here’s a map of where the GFS Ensemble model saw that warmer trend overnight for Nov 8. Cooler over the West but warmer over the Midwest/Great Lakes and Northeast.


Here’s a look at the East EIA region for the next 15-days from the European model. Rather chilly over the Northeast Fri-Tue, but then demand drops off to much lighter levels. And it also shows further demand losses compared to the previous 24-hours of data.


Here’s the pattern from the GFS ensemble around Nov 10 as cold air spills into the western and central US but is rather warm over the southern and eastern US.

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