First Weekly Nat Gas Injection Of The Season

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Nat Gas Weekly Storage Report To Show First Injection


The weekly storage report to be released Thursday morning will show the first injection of the season, albeit only around +15 Bcf.  This will keep reserves below 850 Bcf and significantly below the 5 year average.  The week started with a weather system tracking out of the Great Lakes with some much colder than normal temperatures on the backside of it advancing into the north-central US.  A decent warm surge out ahead of the storm led to mild and near normal conditions over the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.  Another weather system tracked through the same region two days later with snowfall into the Great Lakes and storms over the South.  And yet another weather system was spinning up over the central US to close out the week. This led to cooler than normal temperatures over much of the northern and western US and mild conditions ahead of weather systems and fronts over the South and Mid-Atlantic.   The following images highlight the three weather systems that impacted the US during the draw period, followed by average temperature and temperature departure from normal maps that show regions were nat gas and heating draws were higher or lower than normal.



Friday Weather:  A weather system continues to slowly track across the eastern and southern US today with showers, thunderstorms, and pockets of snowfall into the colder air over the far north.  Fresh weather systems will approach the west coast and begin to push inland.

Start Of Draw Period: A weather system slowly tracked across the eastern and southern US Friday with showers, thunderstorms, along with pockets of snowfall into the colder air over the far north. A warm surge out ahead of the low started the period over the Northeast with somewhat mild temperatures.  A new storm was taking shape over the northern Plains while much colder than normal temps were over the north-central US.

natural gas weather

Middle Of The Draw Period:  The storm over the northern Plains blossomed into a fairly impressive Spring storm with heavy snow over portions of the Midwest and strong thunderstorms over the South.  The storm tracked out of the Great Lakes into Canada, preventing the cold front from Advancing into the highest use areas of the Northeast.



Thuirsday Forecast:  Another potent spring storm will track across the central US and into the east overnight.  Showers and thunderstorms are expected ahead of the cold front with a wintry mix into the colder air over portions of the Midwest.  Mild conditions out ahead of the storm will ease demand over the Northeast as highs warm into the 50s and 60s.

End Of The Draw Period:  A day after the earlier storm tracked out of the US another potent spring storm was already spinning up.  This brought additional showers and thunderstorms ahead of the cold front with a wintry mix into the colder air over portions of the Midwest. Cooler than normal conditions covered much of the far northern US while milder or near normal occurred elsewhere. 

Actual temps

Overall temperatures for the week were quite mild over the southern US where heating demand was muted.  However, over the northern US temperatures were quite chilly as average highs were only in the 20s and 3os.  They just happened to occur over low population regions.  The Northeast was relatively mild compared to recent months but quite chilly into New England.


april temsp

The temperature departure from normal map shows much of the southern US and Mid-Atlantic experienced slightly to moderately warmer than normal conditions.  However, much of the western and northern US saw temperatures moderately to strongly below normal.  The Northeast was a wash with temps generally near normal under cloudy skies.  Enough of the US saw near or cooler than normal temps to keep the first injection of the season to less than +20 Bcf.

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