Dorian to Hit SE US Coast, But Only Minor Impacts

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Wednesday, September 4:   Hurricane Dorian continues track just off the Florida Coast, although with the most dangerous eyewall remaining offshore.  However, the storm will push into South and North Carolina tonight and Thursday with the eyewall finally moving onshore with strong winds and heavy rain.  This is expected to bring power outages, although the storm isn’t nearly as strong as it was as tracked over the Bahamas.   While Dorian will bring clouds and showers to portions of the Southeast, the track is further offshore compared to what the markets were expecting at the end of last week.  This has resulted in less rain and cooling into the Southeast for added demand.   In addition, impacts to LNG and production is expected to be minimal, making overall impacts due to the once category 5 storm minimal overall. There are several other tropical systems in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean, but currently only Dorian poses a threat to US interests.




Overnight radar from Dorian.


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