Cool Shot Midwest This Weekend, Warm US Next Week

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Friday, September 28: The east-central US continues to experience showers along a weak cool front but with only minor cooling.  A colder system will continue sweeping across the northern Plains and Midwest the next few days for a minor increase in heating demand as lows drop into the 30s and 40s, locally 20s, with highs of 40s to lower 60s for the strongest heating demand so far this season.  Although, this will be offset by heat backing off across the southern US as highs mainly reach the 80s and with less coverage of 90s.  Image shows highs Saturday
For next week, warm high pressure will expand to cover most of the country, while again a touch hot across the southern US as highs reach the 80s to lower 90s. Where demand has been lost next week is across the northern US as cool shots over Canada will only be able to provide glancing blows, keeping most states warmer than normal with below normal HDD’s and light demand. There will also likely be cooling tropical rains over the Southwest.


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