Cold Enough This Weekend & Next Week. Not Cold Enough Feb 21-27.

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Friday, February 15:  A rather cold US pattern is on track for the next 7-Days. It will be colder than normal over the western and central US, while cool at times into Texas and the South. The Ohio Valley and Northeast will see bouts of cold, but also with milder breaks, especially late next week. The Southeast will be quite warm with highs into the 70s to 80s for very light demand. Overall, with cold covering much of the country besides the Southeast, national demand will be stronger than normal. The pattern late next week into the following week, Feb 21-27, shows the warm ridge strengthening over the eastern 1/3 of the US and where the pattern isn’t cold enough to impress.

Temperatures vs Normal averaged over the next 7-days.


Milder break over the East Feb 21-27 and where the data is not cold enough to impress.

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