Cold Blast Advances Deep Into Plains, Spreading East

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Cold Temperatures Pushed Deep Into The Plains, Spreading East Behind Winter Storm


As a strong winter storms sweeps through the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic today, cold temperatures have invaded the Plains on the back side of the weather system.  Temperatures were very cold over the Plains last night with lows of single digits pushing into northern Texas and all of the Plains. In fact the latest cold blast has brought an impressive 30-40+°F drop in temperatures compared to this time yesterday over much of the central US.   The cold front will sweep through the rest of the eastern US today, providing several days of below normal conditions, especially over the highest use nat gas and heating states of the Northeast.    While there are not expected to be any significant reinforcing cold blasts to come this week, it will still take several days for temperatures to gradually moderate to near normal over the southern US.   Current temperature anomalies are running 20-35°F colder than normal across regions already impacted by the latest cold blast but will not be as impressive over the coming days without the reinforcement of cold air.  However, over the northern US, the pattern will remain chilly all week with temperatures consistently running at least 10-15°F below normal.  A fresh cold blast will come this weekend and again early next week, especially for the northern US, which will keep strong nat gas and heating demand ongoing, further depleting supplies as the approach 1.0 Tcf, which is significantly lower than the 5 year average.


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Current temperatures this morning across the US show the latest cold blast behind the departing winter storm brought single digit temperatures deep into the Plains and portions of the southern US. Very mild conditions are still over portions of the Southeast as the cold front has yet to push through, but will do so during the day.


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Comparing temperatures this morning versus the same time yesterday shows over Texas conditions are close to 50F colder. This huge temperature swing was brought on by the strong cold blast that has pushed deep into the southern US. Over portions of the Southeast where the front has yet to arrive, mild southerly winds continue.



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Not the prettiest map in the world but it shows all of the central US much colder than normal, like 20-35F colder. This cold blast will impact all of the central and eastern US over the next few days before temperatures moderate during the middle and later parts of the week.



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Lows tomorrow morning (Tuesday) will be quite chilly across much of the US. It won’t be nearly as cold over the southern Plains although temperatures below freezing will occur deep into the southern US. The highest use nat gas and heating states of the northern US will see temperatures in the single digits, locally below zero.


Water vapor satellite imagery shows a strong winter storm tracking through the eastern US with a fresh cold blast grazing the far northern US. A very disorganized moist flow is impacting much of the western US with abundant cloud cover.


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