Arctic Blast Pushing Into US

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Strong Arctic Blast Pouring Into North-Central US


A strong Arctic blast continues pushing into the northern US with much colder than normal temperatures.  In fact, areas over the northern Plains are 30-40F colder than just 24 hours ago.  In addition, snowfall will occur along the cold front with several inches accumulating into the Midwest.   There will also be light snows over the east slopes of the Rockies as cold air banks into the mountains and creates lift.  The cold blast will gradually push into northern Texas and through the central and eastern US over the next several days.


Monday Morning Water Vapor Satellite Image

Monday Morning Water Vapor Satellite Image


1) The head of the Arctic Blast is just pushing into the northern Plains and Rockies.


2)  High pressure out ahead of the front will lead to warm conditions over Texas where highs will reach the 70s and lower 80s today.  Much colder temperatures will arrive Tuesday.


3)  Snowfall will occur along the cold front where several inches will accumulate, which will be enhanced by a weather system tracking into the Great Lakes.


4)  High pressure over the eastern US will lead to mild conditions as highs reach the 60s and 70s over most areas.  It will take until late in the week for the cold front to finally arrive.



The image below shows the temperature changes over the past 24-hours.  Highlighted in the oval are temperatures that have dropped more than 30ºF since yesterday as the Arctic blast sweeps into the northern US.  Also of importance is the much milder temperatures out ahead of the cold front over Texas and the central US.  This mild air will push along the East Coast today and Tuesday.


24 hour temperature

24 hour temperature



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