Chilly Conditions To Be Factored Into Weekly Storage Report

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Chilly Conditions To Be Factored Into Weekly Storage Draw


Yet another weekly draw will be factoring in colder than normal conditions over the highest use nat gas and heating states of the Midwest and Northeast.  This will show above normal nat gas demand took place when released in the EIA Thursday morning weekly report.  Below normal temperatures started the draw period as an exiting weather system left chilly temperatures over much of the country it’s wake.  These conditions held over the northern US for the first several days of the period while a weather system slowly moved across the south-central US with a mixed bag of precipitation.  A surge of milder conditions pushed into the central and eastern US early in the work week (middle of the draw period) allowing temperatures to modify to near normal over many regions including the Midwest and Northeast.  However, a weather system quickly followed and closed out the week as a strong Canadian blast swept through the northern US and towards the Southeast.  This led to several days of below normal temperatures as anomalies ran 10-20°F colder than normal.  Overall, temperatures were generally 3-8°F colder than normal when averaged over the entire week for the highest use states of the Midwest and Northeast while also being observed fairly deep into the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast.  While these values are not exceptional compared to many anomalously cold weeks this winter, it is impressive enough for higher than normal demand to have occurred over the draw period.  Expectations are for anther drop of around -50 Bcf, pushing reserves right near 900 Bcf, which is significantly below the 5 year average and also the typical 5 year average of -9 Bcf.  The coming weekly draws to follow will also be factoring in below normal temperatures over much of the northern US, continuing the pace of reserves further depleting into the red.



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Cold air was established to start the period and on Sunday a strong storm rolled through the central and eastern US with a swath of wintry precipitation into the colder air near the southern Ohio Valley and Mid-Atlantic with heavy showers and storms over the Southeast. A cold blast followed on the backside of the system and over the northern US.





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The Tuesday water vapor image showed the storm tracking off the southeast US coast while a new storm was coming into the northern Plains but was able to push milder conditions briefly into the Midwest and Northeast before tracking through.



Thursday Weather:  A weather system will continue tracking through the northern US with localized areas of snow and a wintry mix.  the rest of the nation will be relatively quiet besides near the Pac NW.

The draw period came to a close as weather system tracked through the northern US Thursday with localized areas of snow and a wintry mix. Behind it chilly conditions pushed into the northern and central US Thursday into Friday.





The image shows temperatures when averaged over the entire week for the draw period.  Cooler than normal conditions set up across all of the Midwest and eastern US with anomalies around 3-9F colder than normal in most places.  The western US did see near normal or slightly milder conditions over most regions.

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