Active Pattern Continues. Colder Winter Storm Next Week.

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Friday:  Weather systems will impact the West and East Coasts this weekend with rain, snow, and slightly cooler than normal temperatures (1st image below).  In between, over the central and southern US, mild high pressure will dominate into early next week with highs of 50s to 70s.  While active into early next week, the current series of systems aren’t very cold and will bring near to slightly lower than normal nat gas demand.  We are still expecting a larger and colder weather system next week arriving into the central and southern US, including Texas (2nd image below).  This winter-like storm will bring a surge in nat gas demand to stronger levels.  However, it has continued the milder trend we saw from late Tuesday as it sheds several additional HDD’s as it struggles to push aggressively into the eastern US late next week.













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