Accumulated Winter Season HDD’s Continue to Run 10-11% Below Normal

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Monday, February 24:

2019-2020 Accumulated Heating Degree Day (HDD) Totals from November 15th-March 10th
HDD Totals compared to 30-year normal and recent warm (2015/16) and cold (2013/14) years for comparison.

A cold start to the winter season in early and mid-November resulted in HDD’s solidly above normal. However, weather patterns were much warmer than normal for all of December and most of January and February other than brief colder stretches. This has dropped accumulated winter season HDD’s to currently 11% below/warmer than normal. The graph below highlights how accumulated national daily HDD’s are well below the 30-year average, green line below the black line, and only barely above the exceptionally warm winter that occurred in 2015-16. It’s too late in the season for HDD’s to make up enough ground to get them to less than 10%, but a tighter supply demand balance has helped prices find a floor in recent weeks, aided by several colder systems, including the one late last week and the one for the second half of this week.

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