A Bit Hot Next Week SE US. Still Results In Larger vs Normal Build.

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Friday:  Hot temperatures continue to gain from Texas to the Mid-Atlantic Coast where highs of 80s to lower 90s will rule into next week. However, it’s become quite comfortable from Chicago to NYC with highs of 60s to 80s for light demand. The West into the Plains will remain stormy as numerous weather systems track through, although with offsetting results as the Southwest cools to comfortable levels but with the Northwest chilly with highs of 50s to lower 60s. Conditions will get a bit uncomfortable across the South and Southeast late next week as high pressure strengthens further with coverage of 90s increasing to drive strong early season national demand (image above). However, the rest of the country will be mostly comfortable or heat over the Southeast would garner more impressive hype. The hot southeastern US ridge is expected to weaken May 27-31st with most of the US not hot enough to impress. With that said, the weather data has consistently shown low HDD/CDD totals for days 8-15, but every time it gets closer the past several weeks, demand keeps gradually getting added, which could again occur over the weekend break.

Highs this weekend will be a bit hot from Texas to the Mid-Atlantic Coast, but quite nice from Chicago to NYC. The West into the Plains will be stormy and slightly cool.


Strong ridge over the South and Southeast late next week with greater coverage of 90s.


The overnight European HDD/CDD data showed above normal totals through next week, then easing. Although, week 2 could trend hotter over the weekend to add some demand.

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