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July 7, 2020, No comments

Tuesday, July 7:   Aug’20 nat gas futures rocketed higher Monday by 9¢, aided by hot US weather patterns holding through mid-July.  There were several major announcements over the weekend that could have also influenced yesterday’s trade, highlighted by Berkshire Hathaway buying a $10 […]

Hot Weather Pattern 1st Half of July

July 1, 2020, 1 Comment

Wednesday, July 1:  The overnight weather data was little changed with a very warm to hot US pattern holding for the next 15-days, just with the Eur ...

Weather Systems Mid-Week Ease Demand, Although Hotter US Pattern Still On Track June 28-July 4

June 22, 2020, No comments

Monday, June 22:  July’20 nat gas futures closed 3¢ higher Friday at $1.67.  The weekend weather data remained not quite hot enough for the m ...

Stalled Weather System Over East Hurts Demand This Week, New Systems Arriving Hurts Demand Next Week

June 16, 2020, No comments

Tuesday, June 16: July’20 nat gas futures closed 6¢ lower Monday, aided by cooler weather trends, LNG exports/feedgas remaining light at just u ...

  • Tropcial System Cristobal Makes Landfall
    June 8, 2020, No comments

    Monday, June 8:  T.S. Cristobal will bring showers and cooling across the South through Tuesday with highs of 80s for locally light demand.  The storm led to around 1 Bcf/day of lost nat gas production in the Gulf of Mexico but was counte ...

  • Chilly Start to the Week, Then Warming
    May 11, 2020, No comments

    Monday, May 11: June’20 nat gas futures continued to selloff Friday, closing 7¢ lower at $1.83. Prices spiked to reach $2.15 last Tuesday on the heels of a TETCO gas pipeline explosion in Kentucky, then went into freefall, losing mor ...

  • Continued Cooler Trends Stalling Arrival of Early Heat
    May 4, 2020, No comments

    Monday, May 4:   The Baker-Hughes rigs report Friday afternoon showed another large week over week decline of 53 oil rigs and a loss of 4 gas rigs. This suggests further decreases in nat gas and associated nat gas production to come. But [ ...

  • Will Oil Rigs Count Continue to Plummet?
    April 17, 2020, No comments

    Friday, April 17:  Oil prices are again lower today and under $18. This suggests further losses in US oil rigs for this afternoons Baker-Hughes rigs report. It will be watched very closely as it already has dropped a huge amount of oil rig ...