Image of the Day Releases Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) Analytics Services!
Provides new predictions and trends generated from Machine Learning models trained daily on GFS and European weather model datasets. has just released a new ML/AI service to subscribers.  The new service provides daily predictions and trends generated from machine learning models trained daily on weather and energy data. Predictions are generated for both European and GFS weather model datasets, providing analytics and predictions for the three upcoming EIA weekly nat gas storage forecasts.
Computer scientists who specialize in Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence at are excited to provide this new service as our machine learning models have been in research and development the past 5 years with increasingly accurate results. The team felt it was time to roll-out the first release of our new analytics, with additional releases coming.
The new machine learning 6-page analytics report tracks 24-hour trends in the GFS and European model HDD/CDD’s and predicts their impacts on changes to EIA weekly build size.

Wednesday:   The images above highlight how our new analytics tracks trends in the European model for next week’s EIA weekly storage report.  Over time, the model added a huge amount of demand through both Heating and Cooling Degree Days (HDD + CDD’s).   Our Machine Learning/AI system predicts this dropped the build size from around 130 Bcf to near 100 Bcf, a rather impressive bullish trend.  We believe price gains late last week into early this week were aided by this.   However, the first week of June looks to be quite bearish and why prices have since eased back off.   Our new analytics are provided minutes after the GFS and European models complete to help traders make the most informed decisions possible for the next 3 EIA weekly storage reports.  Contact us for more details about gaining access to the data.


US Natural Gas Weather Forecast provides daily weather forecasts focused on the nat gas industry, specifically how coming weather patterns will effect heating demand and potentially prices.  You will also receive hurricane, summer, and winter outlooks, as well as updates on El Nino/La Nina. offers daily weather forecasts with the focus on weather conditions that will drive nat gas and heating demand over the coming 2-3 weeks. It is typically 4 pages in length with selected images included and is followed with a Mid-Day update issued after fresh forecast data comes in. In addition, you will receive our exclusive Hurricane and Summer Outlooks as well as the Winter Outlook and Critical Weather Alerts for weather conditions that could cause big spikes in nat gas and electricity demand. The cost of the monthly subscription is $49 for individual investors, which is less than the price of a few ticks move in the futures markets. For companies wishing to subscribe, the price is $249 for up to 8 employees receiving all subscription benefits. If you are not satisfied at any time you can cancel without fee. We also offer Live HDD/CDD weather model statistics as a separate service. For more information click here.

Your subscription includes:
  • Daily Weather Forecast
  • Mid-Day Pattern Update
  • Summer Outlooks
  • Hurricane Forecast
  • Winter Outlooks


  • $49   monthly per individual
  • $249   for up to 8 people (Company or Business)
  • $349+    for 10+ people (contact us for a price quote)

To Subscribe:

  • Email us at:  helpdesk @
  • Call us – 1888-724-9915
  • Sign Up Monthly
    • Paypal click the subscribe button below for monthly billing  (you do not need a paypal account)
    •   contact us at:   helpdesk @ to set up monthly billing through
  • Sign up for a 6-month subscription through
  • Any Credit Card – Call or email and we will process for you, regardless of country.

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